CPAC2021 was a dud!

Taking a (short) break from blogging…Life Happens …When It Rains It Pours ⚡️⚡️⚡️🌧🌧🌧⛈⛈⛈

During my sabbatical, and to keep track of Qurrent events, please visit fellow patriot #Cheeseslave ❤️🇺🇸 She and I did have some fun in the sun 🌞

However, let me state for the record, #CPAC is NOT a convention of “Conservatives”, but another ridiculous ploy to dupe voters into believing they are amongst independent thinkers. Not sorry we attended, it was good to see for myself, such a hoax!

Fact remains, until #America breaks the 2-party system, no Independents will ever be allowed a voice…Consider the impact Independents would make to the 2-party-Primary….


#TrumpIsStillYourPresident 🇺🇸🐸

Published by LouluJones

Pray. Question Authority. Eat Healthy. Dance Like No One Is Watching 🌹

#TrumpIsStillYourPresident 😎

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